aurora-borealisLet’s face it – life is just one big raw deal. Now do I mean this in the melancholic, overly-dramatic, “Oh, poor me” sense? No. It’s just reality. Everyone experiences pain, everyone has issues. Every human being who’s ever existed came face-to-face regularly with the disappointments inherent in life from the moment of his or her birth (and perhaps even before).

Our existence is difficult and challenging and draining . . . why do we expect otherwise? What is this irrational, sadistic drive in us that tries to put demands on this life that it was never meant to live up to? Jesus Himself, God in the flesh, didn’t escape the pain, injustice, and frustrations of life – why do we think we should we be so lucky? What do we suppose makes us so special?

Well, the fact is that . . . READ ON


childrens-booksThe following is my favorite creative writing piece from school for which the research, writing, and subsequent readings always brought a smile:

One is immediately taken with the incongruity of it all, but then children tend to be that way. Walking dichotomies . . . aggregate beings comprised of scraps collected from countless contrary realms . . . the Raggedy Anns and Andys of the Divine mind, who are at once simple and complex. Part dream . . . part reality. Part light . . . part dark. Part temporal . . . part eternal. Part good . . . part bad.

In truth, adults are no different from the children we were and those we see around us – it’s just that we’ve learned to . . . READ ON