lost and found

alleyThe following is a creative writing piece that was inspired by an unusual dream:

“Grams, tell us something new about Gramps,” and suddenly four expectant faces were glued on her.

The Memorial Service was over; just the family remained. The “boys” were playing poker in honor of Gramps, while the “girls” were across the room discussing the details of the day.

Carolyn was startled by the abrupt change of subject, but she knew . . . READ ON


childrens-booksThe following is my favorite creative writing piece from school for which the research, writing, and subsequent readings always brought a smile:

One is immediately taken with the incongruity of it all, but then children tend to be that way. Walking dichotomies . . . aggregate beings comprised of scraps collected from countless contrary realms . . . the Raggedy Anns and Andys of the Divine mind, who are at once simple and complex. Part dream . . . part reality. Part light . . . part dark. Part temporal . . . part eternal. Part good . . . part bad.

In truth, adults are no different from the children we were and those we see around us – it’s just that we’ve learned to . . . READ ON