Welcome! Fracturedly is a place that honestly confronts the hurts inherent to life while (Lord willing) providing some inspiration to move forward through them with faith, hope, and even humor. Why? Because we’re all recovering from something.

Life fractures us – and sometimes fractures around us. The pain can be acute. But too often we grab hold of the sharp-edged shards, desperately trying to reassemble the impossibly broken mess and wounding ourselves further in the process.

stained-glassThe trick is to let go, have enough faith to hand all the fragments over to God, and allow Him to make of them what He would. They have a purpose. Truly they do. And we can find healing for ourselves and others when we let Him create a beautiful work of art from the shattered pieces we collect along our paths.

The results are always more lovely than anything we could have put together – and infinitely more valuable than the shards themselves. Each one has a chosen place in God’s design and adds its own color and brilliance (or shading) to the continuing work.

And so, let’s explore what our God can do! Join me on this journey of finding art in life’s fragments . . .

Image Attribution: FreeImages.com/Nate Bernard